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Our mission is to help you unlock your potential

What is life coaching?

Life coaching is professional support to guide you to make progress in your life. We offer a non-judgmental space to explore the answers to your questions and solutions to your dilemmas. We are not there to tell you what we think you should do, but want to explore the answers together. If you feel like you are stuck in a rut, then this could be the route for you! 

We work with people on the following

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Whether you need support with interview skills or working out what steps to take next we are here to help.

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Helping you to identify and set the goals that you want to work towards. 

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Living with a chronic illness or a life changing injury can be challenging. We are here to offer coaching around the emotional impact of this. If you are interested in having more guidance on diet or exercise we have a PT who we work closely with, who we can refer you to. 

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Through activities and workshops, we aim to bring together individuals to flourish together as a team. This can be particularly useful for teams that are working in a virtual or hybrid model, as this can be a lot of lone working. We want the team to come together as a group to flourish. This can be offered as half a day or a full day. 

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Returning to work can be a huge step. Work with us to unpack the different steps that you may experience upon returning to the workforce. This could include setting and sticking to your boundaries, explore going into the work environment such as the office, shop floor or warehouse and any other thoughts or feelings that you may have about this. 

Mentoring and life coaching are not exclusively the same. As a mentor we focus on sharing our knowledge, skills and experience to help the children or young person to develop and grow. We can offer sessions to those that may be struggling in areas of their life including school work or peer pressure, and work with them to set their own goals and support them to achieve this. 

Having a work/life balance is really important for our physical and mental health. Sometimes we are convinced that all the extra hours we do are just part of our role or that saying 'no' could leave us at risk of progression. But we have to commit space and time to our personal life.....we would like to help you do this. 

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To help you reach your goals to secure your next role, offering support to give you confidence in your role or coming together as a group to empower and offer motivational support. 

Through life coaching you can unlock the real you and move past blockages

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One-to-one adults

Offering one to one life coaching to adults who want to set goals in any aspect of their lives. This could include employment, health or any personal aspect in your lives. 

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Offering support to children and young people in setting goals to promote positive life outcomes, educational goals, behaviour, emotional wellbeing or any other life aspect.

One-to-one child

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Working with small groups; work colleagues, strangers of friends/family to try to empower the support across the group, sharing ideas etc.

Group work


Family sessions

Offering support to families to promote family life. This could be to provide a third party to support family discussions, and trying to help families develop solutions to problems arising.

Our qualified life coaches are Maria and Nicola. Maria derives from an early years and education background, whilst Nicola comes from a health and social care background

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We are a small company based in London offering coaching to children, young people and adults to take the next steps in their life. We offer our services on a virtual basis, so we are able to work with anyone in England. Our qualified life coaches Maria and Nicola derives from early years, education and health and social care backgrounds. We believe that combining our skills, knowledge and experiences can support you to grow and flourish in life. We are committed to our own continued professional development. 


We ensure that our clients are at the forefront of what we do, here's what they say about us

I would like to thank Nicola for her encouragement and input in my life. Our sessions were invaluable on helping me to achieve my goals

Business Developer


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we're always here to listen, contact us at anytime and we'll be back in touch

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